Ladakh 2007

Posted by on November 20, 2007

Sewa International organised an 8 Day High Altitude Trek to Ladakh
From 1st – 14th July 2007.
Satish Shah, Trek Co-ordinator Reports.


– The group flew to Leh, at an altitude of 3500 meters.
– The group crossed three high mountain passes, summiting Palam Peak, 5360 meters and Stok Kangri (optional), 6114 meters (20130 feet)
– This trek is graded D, similar to Mt Kilimanjaro, but Stok Kangri is graded E.

– The group has raised £42,541, and the trip itself was self-financed.

Article from Bradford Telegraph & Argus Newspaper


Our group consisted of 24 people, including 10 females and age range of 17 to 59. The eight day high altitude trek started with a drive from Leh to Choksi.

Day 1 was an easy 4 hour walk. Day 2 was a tough 11 hour long walk to base of Kank La 4700m. On the third day we crossed Kang La pass at 5260m and carried on to Palam Peak 5360m. This was an achievement for most people who had had no previous high altitude trek experience.

Day four encountered snow and mist as we made our way to the eco friendly village of Rumbak, with no electricity and running water and where all waste is recycled.

Day five crossed Stok La pass, 4900m, having seen distinct rock formations. The next day we made it to Stok Kangri base camp, 4800m. On day seven, we left our camp at 1am with torches, in freezing conditions.

At around 4am we put on ice crampons and started the ascent of Stok Kangri, 6114m. The snow covered steep ascent was very difficult though the views were breath taking. 13 successfully completed the 8 day trek which was very demanding but fulfilling. Ladakh has a magic charm however life can be tough for the local residents.The last day in Delhi was spent visiting various sewa projects in the city slums, this was a real eye opener for the group.


Comments from participants

“The trek was very well organised and afforded complete participation. The awareness of these activities should be well publicised and therefore allow a lot of novices to start challenging their own abilities and perceptions. I thoroughly recommend interested people to make contact and find out more.”
Raju Shah, Luton


“The Ladakh trek was another personal achievement after completing the Kilimanjaro trek in 2006 and previously in 2004. Having personally raised almost £10,000, The fundraising was put into perspective when I saw the actual complete devotion of Sewa work being carried out in Delhi. The dedication of the volunteers in schools, orphanages and medical facilities shows what can be achieved with a few funds. It is a triumph that Sewa International has virtually no overhead and administration costs compared to other charities, which makes me want to donate and fundraise again and again knowing that every penny goes where it counts.”
Professor Janesh Gupta, Birmingham


“It was an honour to take part in the tough trek and see Ladakh Himalayan mountain range and raise funds for those less fortunate. So much more we can do.
Dinesh Shah, Bradford

“Arise awake and take up the challenge.”
Shaila Gosrani, Bradford

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